Deciding Between a Fiberglass or Steel Door: Which is Right for You?

Deciding Between a Fiberglass or Steel Door: Which is Right for You?

Exterior doors, also called entry doors, are estimated to increase in value by 161.48% from 2020-2027. Not only do these types of doors make a home more secure and insulated, but they also enhance curb appeal.

Two alternatives that are becoming increasingly popular for entry doors in homes are steel and fiberglass doors. They’re usually chosen over traditional wood doors because they tend to be more durable and require less energy to keep them functioning properly. Although both options have their perks, there are some key differences between the two.

What Are Fiberglass and Steel Doors?

The primary advantages that steel and fiberglass entry doors have over other types of doors are their energy efficiency and durability, which result from the materials used in manufacturing them.

Steel doors are made from, you guessed it, steel. They’re popular because they’re strong and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. They’re also fairly affordable, which is why they’re a popular choice for homes that are on a budget.

Fiberglass doors, on the other hand, are made from fiberglass. This makes them extremely durable and resistant to weathering. They’re also non-conductive, which means they won’t rust or corrode over time.

What Are the Differences Between Fiberglass and Steel Doors?

Although both fiberglass and steel doors have their benefits, there are some key differences between the two. Here’s a closer look:


If you’re interested in a classic wood look for your home, fiberglass doors may be the right choice for you. They’re easier to mimic wood grains on than other types of doors.

You can still get a unique, customized door even if you prefer steel. There are more design options available now than ever before, including cut-out glass patterns. The look won’t be the same as a fiberglass door, but it may better suit your home.


The sturdiness of fiberglass doors comes from how they’re made. Unlike wood, which warps and dents over time, or other materials that scratch easily, fiberglass keeps its shape and integrity for years. Plus, cleaning a fiberglass door is as simple as using a damp cloth—no special treatments are required.

Not only are steel entry doors stunning, but they’re also durable because of the heavy-duty materials used in their construction. If your door does suffer any cosmetic damage, you can fix it up yourself with an auto body kit. More extensive harm may necessitate professional assistance or a complete replacement door.


Although fiberglass doors are amongst the sturdiest, steel doors hold the title for being strongest and most secure. This is vital in today’s world where as many as 30% of burglars enter homes through an unlocked door or window, while 34% come in through the front door.

How Can I Choose and Install the Right Door?

There are many different types of doors available on the market, but broadly speaking they can be divided into two categories: fiberglass and steel. However, even within these broad categories, there are a variety of options to choose from.

While there are many elements to think about when picking a door for your home, some of the key ones include how it looks, what brand it is, and which model. Once you’ve decided on that perfect door, be sure to look for a professional contractor who can install it properly.

Curb Appeal

The style of your entry door can increase the selling price of your home by 7% in a regular housing market and 14% in a slower market.

Given that what looks good in one house may not look as nice in another, be sure to pick a door that works with both your home and its surroundings.

If you want your fiberglass door to resemble wood, choose the design that looks most like real wood. This is generally the most attractive type of fiberglass door. If you’re looking to modernize your home and boost security, consider a cut-out glass door or one with a wood texture and smooth finish. High-definition embossing is another option that will give your steel door an updated look. Each of these choices will be appealing to potential buyers if you’re considering selling in the future.

Brand and Model

With numerous brands on the market, it’s difficult to know who to trust. Provia fiberglass and steel doors are some of the best in the business. The company has been manufacturing high-quality doors for years, so you can trust its products. They have three fiberglass models to pick from.


The 2.5-inch thick door features a double seal on the frame and a custom sweep on the bottom, providing excellent energy efficiency and earning it an Energy Star partnership.


It comes in 5 types of realistic wood grains and seven stains, letting you customize your dimensions. A warranty protects it, making it more durable than other fiberglass doors.


This wood alternative is a great choice for anyone looking for a realistic wood appearance that is also durable and low maintenance. You can also customize the dimensions, stain, and finish to suit your personal preferences.

Depending on your priorities, you will want to choose either the Embarq, Signet, or Heritage. The Embarq offers the highest level of energy efficiency, while the Signet has a more appealing design. Alternatively, if durability and security are most important to you, then go with Heritage.

ProVia is also the best choice for steel doors.


The door is a professional-grade energy-efficient model that comes in dozens of styles. The embossed texture gives it a traditional panel wood door look, and it offers sidelights.

By understanding the benefits and drawbacks of steel and fiberglass doors, you can make an informed decision about which one is best for your home. They provide one-of-a-kind styles, and varying degrees of strength and protection.